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Criminal matters are cases that are brought on behalf of the State of Indiana, and allege that a person has committed a crime. In those types of cases, the State of Indiana has the burden to prove the person guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt" for all charged offenses. Those types of cases can also include juvenile delinquency cases.

Our firm has the experience you need to provide you with advice regarding the law, the facts, and whether the case is one which should go to trial.

In any criminal case, it is important to decide first whether the charge was properly filed.

  • Was there probable cause to bring the charge?
  • Was there any police activity that would cause there to be some question about the evidence to be presented?
  • Would the Rules of Evidence limit the admissibility of certain items of evidence?
  • Is there any specific defense to be raised? If there is, are there requirements to effectively raise the defense?

All of these issues and more should be examined before any decision is made regarding your case.

There may be an opportunity to resolve your case by a plea agreement. You will need to know that there is a basis for a plea, and that you are being offered a fair resolution of the charge under all of the circumstances. We can give you the benefit of our experience in knowing when and under what circumstances you should enter a plea.

If you do decide to go to trial, then you can rest assured that our experience in trial work will serve you well. Jury trial or trial to the bench, Vanderpool Law Firm has the necessary experience in the court arena to maximize your chances at success.

The attorneys at Vanderpool Law Firm have experience in

  • Felony charges;
  • Misdemeanors; and
  • DUI/Drunk driving charges.

The attorneys at Vanderpool Law Firm are your local criminal defense lawyers. With offices in both Wabash and Warsaw, we are close by to help you in your time of need.

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