Slip and Falls / Premises Liability

Slips and falls occur at an alarming rate and are the leading cause of emergency room visits according to the National Floor Safety Institute. Slips and falls can result in serious injury including head trauma, broken bones, injuries to one's wrists, elbows, knees and/or ankles, lacerations, and ligament tears. Even if the fall is less serious, the injury may force you to take time off work and incur medical/rehabilitative treatment expenses.

Common causes of slip and fall cases include:

Wet or slippery floors;
Ill-maintained flooring or walk ways;
Failure to remove ice or snow from walk ways;
Uneven flooring;
Unmarked ramps or curbs; and
Construction that does not follow code.

In evaluating the strength of a slip and fall case, it is important to determine what duty the landowner owed the visitor. The duty owed by the landowner will vary depending on the status of the occupant. Property owners owe the highest duty to invitees and lesser duties to licensees and trespassers. An invitee is one who goes upon another's land to transact business with the property owner. It must be shown that not only the property owner breached this duty of care but also that the property owner's breach of care caused the injuries to the occupant.

The attorneys at Vanderpool Law Firm have experience dealing with a wide variety of these slip and fall cases. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a slip and fall due to the negligence of the property owner, call a personal injury lawyer at Vanderpool Law Firm today to discuss your case and to set up a free consultation.