Our Client Testimonials

We've helped numerous clients with our different areas of practice. Below are some of the ways that we've been able to help our clients. Some names my be changed to protect their privacy.

Will and Trust for New Parents

New parents from Warsaw recently had twins and wanted to make sure their children were taken care should something happen to them. We met with them and discussed their legal options for developing the protection they were looking for.

Divorce Conundrum

Unfortunately, our client was in danger of losing everything she had as a result of business mismanagement by her spouse. We worked with her to take the matter to a hearing, and to show that she should not be penalized for that mismanagement.

Injuries Resulting from Negligence

Our client was injured in a vehicle accident, and stalled for years by an insurance company. After a jury trial, she received a significant verdict...and a measure of justice.

Medical Malpractice Leading to Death

Our client's husband died as a result of negligence by a medical provider. Our firm worked with her to see that the wrongful death of her husband was recognized and that she and her family were compensated.

Negligence of a Care Facility

Being cared for by others is always a difficult thing. It shouldn't be made more difficult by the people who care for you. Our client was injured as a result of an assault by a worker at a care facility. We got the compensation for her that she deserved.

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