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Since 1980, Dan Vanderpool has been an attorney or judge practicing in the Courts in the State of Indiana.

After graduating from Indiana University School of Law, Dan opened his own firm, serving as a private attorney until he was elected Judge of the Wabash Circuit Court at thirty years of age. He then served for 18 years on the bench, in a court of general jurisdiction. During that time he presided over approximately 150 jury trials; and , many, many hearings too numerous to count.

Those trials and hearings included matters dealing with family law, personal injury, criminal law, juvenile law, real estate, contracts, corporations, child services and a host of the other issues that face us in this modern world.

In 2005, Dan decided not to run for re-election, hoping instead to be of more assistance to his own family by once again becoming a practicing attorney. Thus, Vanderpool Law Firm PC was born.

In 2011, Benjamin Vanderpool joined the firm as an Associate Attorney. Ben graduated from Purdue University in 2008, and from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in 2011. While in law school, Ben was always on the Dean's List, and received other honors for his efforts. Ben worked summers in the firm, gaining experience in the practice of law.

As a young man with a family, Ben understands how modern-day pressures affect the present generation, giving him fresh insight into problems that can lead to the need for legal services. His caring and comforting advice can help you when you need it most.

Our Firm's Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with the three things they have the right to expect from their lawyer: Experience, Confidence and Trust.

Experience can be found in the length and breadth of the lawyer's career, and in the things that the lawyer has experienced for himself. What has your lawyer done in his or her career? What have they experienced personally? Do they have the experience that demonstrates a genuine desire to help others? We believe our lawyers have the experience to help you.

Confidence is that feeling that your lawyer will do his or her best for your case. While legal matters can oftentimes be frustrating and lengthy, are you confident that your lawyer is doing what needs to be done? We believe that our lawyers will hold your confidence throughout any legal matter entrusted to them.

Trust is knowing that your lawyer will be honest with you, with the Courts and with those who deal with him or her. Trust engenders respect and makes for an atmosphere where progress can be made on your legal matter. You may or may not like everything your lawyer tells you about your case or situation, but you need honest advice about where you are and what you can expect. We know our lawyers will be worthy of your trust.

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Our Areas of Practice

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Our Lawyers

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