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Criminal Defense

Warsaw Criminal Defense - Wabash Criminal Defense

Invasion of Privacy

Charges for invasion of privacy allege that a person violated a protective order, restraining order, or no contact order.


Theft: While this charge generally starts as an A-misdemeanor for smaller thefts, it can be elevated to a Felony if certain conditions are met.

Driving While Suspended

Driving While Suspended is just what it sounds like, driving a vehicle while having a suspended license. An individual caught driving on a suspended license may face an infraction or criminal charge.


Although misdemeanors are typically considered less serious offenses by some, they can carry with them serious penalties including possible incarceration and fines.

Felony Charges

Felony charges are more serious than misdemeanors and carry with them more serious punishments in terms of incarceration and potential fines which could be imposed.

Drunk Driving

In Indiana it is illegal for anyone to drive with a Blood Alcohol Content-Concentration (BAC) of .08% or above.

Indiana Expungement Attorneys

Our Indiana Expungement Attorneys are here to help expunge your past mistakes.