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How much is my car accident/personal injury claim worth?

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Warsaw Accident Attorneys – Vanderpool Law Firm

How much is my car accident/personal injury case worth?  

Car accident and personal injury claims are like snowflakes, each and every one is unique. In order to project an accurate valuation you must first develop and understand all of the facts. Without all of the facts it is impossible to value a claim. Collecting witness statements, reports, reconstruction evidence, reviewing medical records, and speaking with medical experts about injuries and future complications all need to be addressed when working a claim for maximum recovery. Any firm promising an amount for recovery could be settling the case too soon or could be promising you an unrealistic amount.

What are some of the factors used to determine a case’s value?

Below are some of the factors we look at to determine a case’s value:

  • What is the extent of injury:
    • Permanent injury/disability?
    • Was surgery required?
    • How much time is required for recovery?
    • Future medical treatment required?
    • How has the injury effected your day to day activities?
    • How has the injury effected your spouse? (possible loss of consortium claim)
  • What are the medical bills:
    • Are there any liens?
    • Are there any adjustments?
  • Lost income?
    • How much time off work?
    • Lost benefits?
  • Liability:
    • Any comparative fault?
  • Are there police reports?
  • What are the witness statements?
  • Insurance policies in place?

Speak with an attorney:

Generally speaking, the sooner you speak with an attorney the better. Evidence can disappear quickly in these claims and it is important to get all the facts as soon as possible. There are also time deadlines that need to be met in order to preserve certain claims. Remember, the insurance companies waste no time getting their investigation underway and neither should you!

If you have sustained a personal injury, call our officer today to schedule a free consultation. It costs you nothing to come in for a consultation and sit down with one of our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys. Call us today at (574) 268-9995.