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Accident Attorney: Document your Injuries in a Personal Injury or Car Accident Case

Friday, January 26, 2018

Seek Immediate Medical Assistance:

If you have been in an accident or have been injured by the fault of someone else, it is important to seek immediate medical assistance. The most common place to seek care in an emergency is an emergency department at a local and reputable hospital.

Seeking immediate treatment may seem like common sense; however, we have seen many clients who wait several days before ever seeking any treatment. This can reduce a cases value. Not all injuries get reported to the doctor. This raises questions with insurance companies when it comes time to value the case. An accident attorney can help evaluate your medical records and damages.

Report All of the Injuries Immediately:

One of the best ways to increase the value of a personal injury claim is to accurately report your injuries to your health care providers. The sooner the injuries are reported to you doctor the more credible those complaints are taken by insurance companies when evaluating your claim. The Dr. you see should accurately describe the pain and complaints you have. These early medical records can be very important in preparing your case and evaluating your claims value. Reporting all of the injuries also ensures that you are getting all of the proper treatment for your injuries.

Properly Document Your Injuries:

In addition to immediately reporting your injuries and complaints, you should also properly document your injuries. Document your injuries by taking photos of any cuts/scrapes/scars as well as maintaining lists of any prescriptions or devices you are prescribed to use. All of these documents can be used later to prove to an insurance company that the injuries you are claiming were valid. Any cuts, lacerations, or bruising will heal over time and not look as serious.

In addition to this documentation, it can be wise to start a daily journal. Logging the exact type of pain and discomforts you have experienced can be very helpful when discussing your claim with an insurance provider in the future. In this journal, also include the effects your injuries have on your day to day life. A journal is a good way to refresh your memory later on. This can prove valuable in assisting in case preparation and in any settlement attempts.

Costs of Initial Medical Treatment:

The at fault party will ultimately be responsible for all reasonable medical expenses and pain and suffering. The at-fault party typically has insurance which step in to make those payments. Seeking medical treatment serves two causes: 1) it will help you address your injuries and help you heal better and 2) it will help document and support your claim. Check out our other article for more information on how medical bills are handled.

Obtain Representation:

The experienced accident attorneys at Vanderpool Law Firm understand the stressful and taxing times that accompany any personal injury and we have the knowledge, experience and insight to help you obtain the maximum compensation that the law allows. If you or someone you know has been injured because someone else was negligent or careless, know that the accident attorneys at Vanderpool Law Firm are here to work for you and to help maximize any compensation you may be entitled to. Call an accident attorney at Vanderpool Law Firm, today to set up a free consultation. Let us help make this difficult time a little easier.