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Wabash Injury Attorney: Local Accident & Injury Firm

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Local Accident & Injury Lawyers in Wabash County

The Wabash injury attorney at Vanderpool Law Firm are born and raised in Wabash County. Daniel Vanderpool served as the Circuit Court judge for over 18 years. Isaiah Vanderpool was raised in Wabash County and continues to reside here raising his own family. We are able to use our extensive experience in this area to better represent the Wabash County Community, as we are a part of it.

Our attorneys look after the best interests of our clients and prospective clients. We are free consultations on all injury cases. Give us a call if you have been wronged by another.

Are There Certain Injury Cases We Handle in Wabash County?

Our local injury attorneys have experience in a wide range of negligence cases.

We have represented individuals in our community in:

We pride ourselves on a community based approach. We understand these are difficult times and we look forward to the opportunity to help strengthen your voice against the insurance companies.

How Does the Fee Structure Work When Pursuing An Injury Claim?

At Vanderpool Law Firm, we understand these accidents and injuries are often associated with expenses and bills which can leave one straining in already difficult times. We represent clients on a contingency fee basis. This means there is no attorney fee unless we secure compensation for our client. This may be via a settlement or jury verdict. We also are up front with our clients about the expenses that may be incurred in the case along the way. We set our client’s up to make the most informed decision about their own case.

We Offer Free Consultations On All Wabash Injury Claims

We do not require any fee to discuss your claim. We can meet in personal at our local office or if you prefer, over the phone. We make ourselves available to answer all of your questions and concerns. If it is decided that our Wabash Injury Attorneys are providing representation, not only do we work to help file the case and submit demands, but we also help work with medical providers and other investigating offices to further our client’s interests.

One main consideration to taking on a case is Indiana’s statute of limitations. This is the period of time individuals have to file their personal injury claims or they risk losing that right. This is two years from the date of an accident. Don’t delay, reach out to a Wabash Injury Attorney today!

Who Are Some of the Agencies Involved In Wabash County Accident Cases?

  • The responding law enforcement agencies in Wabash County include:
  • These are often the agencies who will have prepared the accident report and may have crucial information about your claim. We work with these agencies on a regular basis.

Call Our Wabash Injury Attorneys Today

If you have been injured or lost a family member due to someone else’s negligence, don’t delay. Give us a call for a free consultation to discuss your claim.