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What is a Status Conference / Pre-trial Conference?

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

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What happens after an Initial Hearing:

After the Initial Hearing, you will have had an attorney appointed to you or you will have had the opportunity to hire one. It is important to speak with your attorney soon after the initial hearing so they can get started on your case. Your attorney will want to meet with you to obtain your story in order to effectively work up your case. Once your attorney is involved in your case they will file their appearance. This will allow them to obtain information from the state about your claim. The state is required to turn over this information through the “discovery” process. Your attorney will also be able to start their own investigation and may request additional documents from other parties as well.

At the Initial Hearing, the judge will give you another hearing date. This is generally called a “Status Conference” or a “Pre-trial Conference”.

What happens at a Status Conference or a Pre-Trial Conference:

A status conference or pre-trial conference is a date where your attorney will be able to speak directly with the prosecutor about your case. These conferences generally do not take place inside the actual courtroom. Typically, plea negotiations will take place at these “conferences”. Your attorney will have the facts and law researched for your case and will attempt to get something resolved with the prosecutor. If an acceptable plea cannot be reached, then a trial date may be requested at these hearings.

If you have a pre-trial conference or status conference coming up you may wish to have an attorney present to represent your rights. The attorneys at Vanderpool Law Firm are here to fight for your rights and make sure you are properly represented. Call us at 574-268-9995 to schedule a consultation today.